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Shop Tools: HOTSY 555SS Portable Electric Steam Cleaner, s/n 11090330-166223 HYPERTHERM Powermax 800 Plasma Cutter, s/n 015178Q MILLER Millermatic 251 Portable Welder LINCOLN AC225 Arc Welder Oxygen Acetylene Torch Set, with cart Portable Sandblast Pot (2) Electric Parts Washers RAMCO AP55, 55-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press, s/n 10266 CRAFTSMAN 12 Speed Pedestal Drill Press DEWALT 8 Dual Wheel Bench Grinder BUDGET 1-Ton Electric Chain Hoist Stump Mounted Anvil DELTA Unisaw Table Saw RAMCO 5,000# Portable Engine Hoist Heavy Duty Pneumatic Floor Jack Portable Hydraulic Dual Wheel Jack (8) 2-Ton to 20-Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jacks KOBALT 20 Gallon, 150PSI, 1.8HP Portable Electric Air Compressor CRAFTSMAN 1.5HP 2-Gallon, 125PSI Electric Air Compressor KOBALT Rolling Toolbox with tools US GENERAL Rolling Toolbox CRAFTSMAN Toolbox, with tools CRAFTSMAN Rolling Toolbox Hydraulic Pallet Jack Hydraulic Porta Power, with ram and accessories (2) Bolt Bins and Contents (12) Parts Drawers, with contents and stand (6) 4-Drawer Parts Cabinets and Contents (2) Rolling Shop Carts Assorted Steel Stock Pneumatic Luber, with cart MILWAUKEE 3/8 Electric Drill MAKITA 1/2 Reversible Electric Drill MAKITA Cordless Driver Drill 14 Electric Chop Saw, with cart MILWAUKEE 8 Metal Cutting Circular Saw SAWCAT 7-1/4 Circular Saw CRAFTSMAN 7-1/4 Circular Saw ASHLAND Electric Saber Saw DEWALT DC385 Cordless Reciprocating Saw BLACK & DECKER Electric Angle Grinder MAKITA 9227C Electric Angle Grinder METABO W7-115 Electric Angle Grinder CRAFTSMAN Orbital Sander BLACK & DECKER Electric Sander MAKITA 9900B Electric Belt Sander Electric Paint Shaker RYOBI 3/4 Hand Planer KETT Electric Metal Shear BOSCH 1530, 14 Gauge Electric Nibbler SNAP-ON Puller set, with cabinet PITTSBURGH 1 Socket Set 45-Piece SAE Tap and Die Set Bench Top Toolbox, with tools MASTER 100,000 BTU Portable Space Heater ASSOCIATED 6/12 Volt Battery Charger (3) Bolt Cutters Chain Wrench PRESTONE Jumpit Jump Box INGERSOLL RAND 3/4 Pneumatic Impact Wrench Assorted Wrenches and Hand Tools (5) Single Wheel Electric Bench Grinders Manual Luber (2) Air Pigs Hole Saw Kit Approximately 50 Gallon Product Tank, with manual pump 12 Fiberglass Step Ladder 6 Fiberglass Step Ladder Partial Barrels of hydraulic oil, motor oil, and transmission fluid, (6) barrel carts, (2) pneumatic lubers, barrel dolly, assorted grease and marking paint

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