PLUS: KOHLER Model 55R88, 50KW Skid Mounted Generator, s/n 267256, powered by 6 cylinder natural gas engine. HONDA EU200 Gas Powered Generator Horizontal Shop Air Compressor YANMAR Diesel Engine (Fits Godwin Pump) NORTHERN #89134 Pipe Threader, with 1/2 2 NPT capacity (2 Pallets) Of Electrical Boxes Electrical Transformer MARATHON 5HP Electric Motor (4) Assorted I-Beams 48, 36, and 24 Manholes (2) Manhole Ring Risers 48 x 48 Aluminum Manhole Door (2) COPPUS Blowers (3) Air Louvers, 47.25 x 47.25 Flammable Cabinet WACKER BS70-2i Foot Compactor WACKER WP1550 Plate Compactor (Smokes; No Handle) Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pump (1 Pallet) Pumps (Parts) (2) Pressure Washers Miscellaneous Pallet Racking CRAFTSMAN 100 Table Saw CRAFTSMAN 10 Vertical Band Saw LINCOLN Pneumatic Luber (1 Pallet) CAT 5-Gallon Buckets Hydraulic/Transmission Oil (2) 2-Part Cable Slings 500 Gallon Skid Mounted Fuel Tank (1 Pallet) Safety Guardrail Feet Aluminum Tool Box (1 Pallet) Safety Vests (1 Pallet) Fuel Cans (1 Pallet) Fence Wire STIHL Chop Saw Parts Chainsaw Parts

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